Guests from the Czech Republic visited the Ecopromlit plant

At the end of March 2019, our factory was visited by representatives of Silesia-Tech sro, Opava, Czech Republic

Silesia-Tech sro is a European engineering firm with a high level of service, engineering and consulting services. The company specializes in professional support in solving technological, technical and design problems. The company's engineers specialize in the development of projects for mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

Within the framework of a business visit, the Ecopromlit plant was visited by the shareholder of Silesia-Tech sro - Martin Slany, the executive director - Miroslav Student, as well as the project manager - Yitka Habinova.

During the excursion, guests from the Czech Republic were shown the production capacities of the Ecopromlit plant and other enterprises of the Turbokom Group of Companies.

During the visit, fruitful negotiations on cooperation were held, which, in the future, may affect the overall success of our enterprises.

We would like to thank the representatives of Silesia-Tech sro for visiting our enterprises.

The Ecopromlit plant is always open to cooperation with European companies.