Ecopromlit plant has implemented 3D milling technology for the production of castings using the LGM method

Milling 3D models

3D milling technology makes possible to produce models for one-off and small-scale castings from extradited polystyrene foam. Also, this technology makes it possible to manufacture parts of high complexity, without the cost of manufacturing molds, which are used in large-scale or mass production of models.

The discrepancy in the sizes of the models produced using the 3D milling technology is up to 0.01 mm. It should be added that, if necessary, you can change the configuration of the product or adjust the size without "stopping the process".

The productivity of 3D milling depends on the complexity of the product and the size of the model and is calculated by the specialists of the design department of the Ecopromlit plant when you contact us.

The described method of making models for castings allows to reduce the lead time of orders up to 10 working days, and in special cases up to 5 days

Model sizes for milling

The minimum dimensions of a model that can be processed using 3D milling technology on our equipment are length = 0.01m, width = 0.01m, height = 0.01m.

The maximum dimensions of the model that can be processed using the 3D milling technology on our equipment are length = 2.3m, width = 1.3m, height = 0.2m.

It is worth considering that the estimated dimensions of the casting for the flask are length = 0.8m, width = 0.6m, height = 0.6m.