Molding of casting molds

Molding of casting molds is a casting technology in which the mold is installed in a special container, and the remaining volume of the container is filled with a molding mixture, the main component of which is quartz sand. To achieve the required density and fill all possible empty volume, cavities and voids, the molding mixture is exposed vibrations in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Molding is the most important preparatory operation that ensures the quality of the future casting.

Containers for forming flask

Ecopromlit uses special molding containers for forming model blocks. The container is designed with a vertical and horizontal hearth channel for vacuum operation. In the bottom there is a vacuum valve for connecting to the system of the vacuum line, which is used during the pouring of molten metal blocks of models.

For the production of the molding mixture, the Ecopromlit plant uses quartz sand of the following brands 1К1О102, 2К2О102, 3К2О102, according to "ГОСТ 2138-91".

Quartz sand checking

Each batch of quartz sand is checked by employees of the entrance control of the plant for compliance with the basic requirements:

  • the main sand fraction is not less than 0.2 mm;
  • enriched – with a minimum clay content (up to 0.5%);
  • gas permeability not less than 230 units;
  • the shapes of the grains of sand are rounded.




Humidity, %

Gas permeability, units

Clay content, %

Screen cell size, мм

The shape of the grains of sand


No more than 0,5

No more than 5%

Nevertheless 230

No more than 0,5

Nevertheless 0,2


The molding container set up to the clamping vibrating table and under the influence of horizontal and vertical vibration (and in some cases, the parallel application of vacuuming), the compaction processed block of models, where the molding material fills all the cavities and voids of the future casting, creating a kind of sand mold.

The service life of the molding mixture is on average 3 months, taking into the removal of dust particles during regeneration and the partial addition of new quartz sand for the required volume in the line.

The Ecopromlit plant has an irreducible stock of molding mix, which allows you to quickly respond to the increased needs of the customer, which eliminates the occurrence of downtime in the foundry area.